A Mobile Library

20 November 2011


A series of typographic posters by for A Mobile Library exhibition. 26 November 2011 - 12 February 2012 in the Hirschfeld Gallery, Wellington City Gallery, New Zealand.

Design is fundamental to the narrative about publication and print. Here the relationship is explored in the publications themselves, in a series of posters by Sowersby and Forbes, and in samples of Churchward’s type design on the gallery’s end wall. The buoyancy and expressive punch of Churchward’s alphabets earned him international standing from the late 1960s, when he founded what became New Zealand’s largest typesetting firm, Churchward International Typefaces. Three typefaces—Churchward Brush, Churchward Design and Churchward Conserif—articulate statements from a prolific designer whose work continues to engage a wide audience of contemporary designers.

Sowersby and Forbes’ posters feature the ISBN and publishing information of design-related books instrumental within their respective practices. Eloquently re-presenting the coded and technical detail relating to a book’s production, cataloguing and distribution, these works intimate the role of design in crafting every element of a text, while suggesting an alternative categorisation of the book, as physical object, or unit of archived data.