Foot Science International

25 February 2012


Karbon used for the branding of Foot Science International by the quick-steppers at DNA Design in Wellington, New Zealand.

Founded in medical field, the company had huge growth opportunities in retail. That said, the need to define the offer across these two channels was imperative, as was defining a story, product integrity and hierarchy across markets and consumer needs to facilitate growth and entry into new international markets. The brand strategy and architecture developed by DNA allows for a broader range of products to be managed and many markets to be served by a ‘family of brands’. These brands have been created to energise and modernise our product offering and to be more relevant to end-users. All products can clearly draw from a common heritage and IP base without confusion or cannibalisation in any given market. The strategy, insight and market analysis carried out by DNA suggested a radical evolution of product architecture and marketing strategy and delivery.