Seabrook Wine Label

19 January 2016

Domaine Text & Display in use for the Seabrook wine label by Cornershop Design in Australia.

According to Mr Hamilton’s Instagram account this is a, “Brand repositioning for family owned wine company Seabrook Wines”. Domaine is a natural fit for wine labels: that is how it came to be. I like how Cornershop have managed to take a typeface born of a competing Australian winery and make it their own. It has many of the classic wine label moves: signatures, crests, foil-stamping. But it’s put together so nicely that it feels fresh and appropriate for the category. Using both Domaine Text for small type and Domaine Display for large type demonstrates Cornershop’s thorough attention to typographic detail. I think the supporting sans is H&Co.’s Gotham. A nice, complimentary combo!