Geograph Design Information

Geograph is a contemporary, plain sans serif designed for National Geographic. It comprises 24 styles for use across their broadcast, print and web channels. Geograph was designed under direction from Emmet Smith, Mariano Barreiro and Bethany Powell. We drew inspiration from several international type foundries. Continue reading

Story Sans Design Information

Story Sans is a new font family designed for Trade Me — a screen-first, grotesk typeface aligned to their brand, values and tone of voice. It was designed with Trade Me’s internal design team, and is licensed exclusively for Trade Me. Continue reading

Financier Design Information

Financier is a new typeface family drawn for the redesign of the Financial Times (FT), which was launched in September 2014. It comprises two complementary sets of styles: Financier Display and Financier Text. Continue reading

PayPal Sans Design Information

PayPal Sans is a new screen-first typeface family designed for PayPal Inc. It is comprised of two complementary sub-families: PayPal Sans Big and PayPal Sans Small. It was designed with direction from the PayPal product team over the course of several months. Continue reading

Pure Pākati Design Information

Pure Pākati was designed for exclusive use by Tourism New Zealand, who were looking to move their “100% Pure” campaign away from several years of Middle Earth. This shift included an overhaul of their typeface and visual language. The typeface was designed by Phil Kelly, Rangi Kipa, Karl Wixon and Kris Sowersby. Continue reading


28 November 2012


Bula, a custom typeface designed for Fiji Airways commissioned by FutureBrand in Sydney. Continue reading

The Darling Hotel

25 April 2012

The Darling Hotel

Darling in use for the award winning The Darling Hotel design by Moon Group in Sydney, Australia. Continue reading

Darling Design Information

Stylistically Darling is a wide, light, airy slab serif. It was drawn to set comfortably as text and confidently for headlines. It strikes a quiet balance between a plain skeleton and fanciful flourishes. The details are drawn largely from the Ionic genre, whereas the skeleton and structure tends towards geometric slab serifs. Continue reading


28 February 2012


The custom typeface Hokotohu in use by Charlie Ward from DNA Design in Wellington, New Zealand. Continue reading