Awards & Accolades

13 October 2017

Awards & Accolades

A chronological list of all the awards & accolades Kris Sowersby has won. Continue reading

Primitive Typographic Communications from Afar

An interview with Elizabeth Carey Smith for the Typographics Conference in New York, June 2017 Continue reading

Unpaid Intern

29 June 2017

Unpaid Intern

Untitled Sans in use for Unpaid Interns, by design intern, Germany. Continue reading

Minimalism in Design: It’s Harder to Take Away than to Add

Kris Sowersby interviewed by TypeThursday. Continue reading

Free Limited Edition Posters

The first 100 customers to purchase the full Untitled Sans Family or Untitled Serif Family will get the corresponding set of limited edition posters free. Continue reading

Untitled Sans & Serif Design Information

Untitled Sans and Untitled Serif are quotidian typefaces. Untitled Sans is a plain, neogrotesk sans validated by the ideas of Jasper Morrison and Naoto Fukasawa’s Super Normal project. When Untitled Sans was nearly finished, I applied the same principles to the creation of Untitled Serif, which is drawn from the old-style genre of types: the post-Caslon, pre-Times workhorses offered by almost every metal type foundry of the time. Untitled Sans and Untitled Serif are related neither by skeleton nor a traditional aesthetic connection, but by concept only. Continue reading