The Music Broadcasting Station

9 May 2012


Founders Grotesk in use for the MBS student project by Luke Robertson whilst at Queensland College of Art in Brisbane, Australia.

Rebranding of The Music Broadcasting Station (formerly 2MBS-FM)—a classical music radio station in Sydney. A new logotype and campaign has been developed to lift the profile of the station and propel it confidently into the mainstream. 

The confusing acronym used previously in the 2MBS-FM brand was given clarity by reinstating the original name. This was then paired with plain-spoken rhetoric and combined with an arresting visual style employing primary colours and geometric shapes to communicate an idea of timeless, ageless quality.

Using a simple graphic device—the vertical separator line between bars found in sheet music—an engaging dialogue is created between the station and its listeners and flows consistently through all typographic applications.

Founders Grotesk was a great fit for the new identity as instilled within it is an allegiance and respect for tradition, as well as a willingness to embrace contemporary ideals. This is the core value which underpins the refreshed brand (one which promotes traditional and modern classical talent alike) and provided the perfect vehicle to deliver the voice of the identity. Hoefler & Frere-Jones’ Mercury acts as a secondary, supporting serif typeface working in direct contrast to Founders. Mercury provides a more formal, refined tone to complement the bold supporting visual language.