The Queen’s House

21 January 2016


Pitch and Founders Grotesk Text in use for The Queen’s House by OK-RM in London.

OK-RM’s work always seems so well considered, thoughtful and intelligent. It feels like a highly-structured weirdness, but in the best possible way. The structure regulates the strange without neutering it. The end result is work that oscillates between the commonplace and the sublime. I don’t really know how to describe it accurately, but I sure as hell love it.

So you can imagine my utter delight when they used Pitch and Founders Grotesk for The Queen’s House work.

The new design idea carefully observes the historical legacy of the house whilst acknowledging the contemporary context within which it exists. Inspired by the idea that geometry is a source of beauty (an idea inherent in the architectural premise of the house) we created hierarchies of content that all shared the same width of line – unifying content of various scales and styles. Large-scale-freestanding signs were drawn with a similar mathematical rationality inline with both classical and modernist principles. They stand bravely introducing guests to key aspects of the house. The signs are finished with gold-plated footings that complement the electric blue typography that was matched to the original ‘Queen’s House blue’ found on the original Tulip Stairs at the heart of the building.

They’ve also used the excellent Farnham to round off the type palette. Read more about the project here.