White Green

11 April 2012


Tiempos in use for the award-winning “White Green”, designed by Kazakoff Design.

White Green – Ten projects in the great outdoors by White arkitekter, published by Laurence King Publishing. The book documents White’s approach to nature, analyses its implementation and considers how successful the results have been in practice. The book is published with two different covers. In both cases the cover is divided in two; the top part being green, the bottom part being white. Cover one, adapted for the commercial market, has the full name printed on the cover. White is printed on green paper (symbolically placing the firm out in nature), Green is printed on white. Cover two has no visible title, the cover is totally blank. Instead the white and green papers convey the name of the book. To underline the light footprint of these buildings, the contents pages show the sites without any visible structures. The same pictures are then repeated later on in the book, in direct connection with the actual reportages, but this time showing the completed buildings, making clear how carefully these structures have been fitted into the landscapes.

The division in two, between white and green, runs all through the book, from cover to final page. The top half tells the story of each project. The bottom half adds a second layer of information in the form of drawings, models, plans and sections.