FT Weekend Title Pieces

Under direction from Kevin Wilson & Mark Leeds.

Financial Times

Under direction from Kevin Wilson & Mark Leeds.

Spark New Zealand

For Spark. Under direction from Kane McPherson & Shabnam Shiwan at Saatchi & Saatchi.

Z Zegna

For Z Zegna. Under directon from Andrew Wren at Out There in New York.

Sladen Legal

Monogram for Sladen Legal. Under direction from TANK, Melbourne.


For Instapaper. Under direction from Justin VanSlembrouck.


For Make Collective. Under direction from Tim Chesney.


For Grafik Magazine. Under Direction from Max Spencer.

Sunday Times Magazine

Under direction from Matt Curtis.

Charles Woodhouse

Under direction from Ben Pearce.

Condé Nast

Under direction from Billy Sorrentino.

The Great Catering Company

Under direction from Daniel Matthews from Strategy in Auckland, New Zealand. Based on Verlag by H&F-J.

My Super

Designed under direction from Clare Madden for Ocean Design in Wellington, New Zealand.

Returned & Services Association

Under direction from Eileen Schwab at Designworks in Wellington, New Zealand.


Under direction from Dan Newman at Tigerspike in London, England.

Cubana 158

Custom lettering for the Cubana Apartments in Wellington, New Zealand.


Custom lettering for IRD, under direction from Charlie Ward.


Unused lettering for a book cover

Festival Of Māori Writing

Designed for Festival Of Māori Writing.

The Kingdom


Custom lettering for Meridian Energy Ltd. Under direction from Ocean Design.


Under direction from Andrew Hovey/Springload. Based on Galaxie Polaris by Chester Jenkins.

Rodd & Gunn

Designed under direction from DoubleFish

Image Mechanics

Custom lettering for Image Mechanics. Under direction from Jason Cotterell.

Bye Bye

Custom lettering with Sarah Maxey for the last issue of ProDesign.

Wild Flour


Bank of New Zealand


Custom lettering for Chempaq. Under direction from Muggie Ramadani Design.

Learn Māori With Huia

Designed for Huia Publishers, New Zealand.



Under direction from Muggie Ramadani Design.

Harvard Business Review

Under direction from de Luxe & Associates



Under direction from Charlie Ward for Icebreaker


Personal Lettering.


Personal Lettering.


Custom lettering for Marque. Under direction from Lezlie Mearns and Rob Holloway.

Bjørn Dæhlie

Tahi Rua Toru Whā

Designed with Angus Murray for The Letterheads Ltd.

Wanganui Festival of Glass

Kaweka Construction

Designed for Kaweka Construction Limited.


An answer for the question, “Why Type?”