26,934 words about letters.

Man of Letters

You’ve seen his work everywhere. You just don’t know it. The stunning global success of typeface designer Kris Sowersby of Klim Type Foundry. Interview by Ashleigh Young.

TDC Member of The Month

An interview between Elizabeth Carey Smith and Kris Sowersby for the TDC Member of The Month series.

Arts Laureate interview

An interview between Josephine Granese & Kris Sowersby for the 2019 Arts Laureate.

The Design Conference interview

“I am not entirely convinced that a typeface can embody an idea. Sometimes I think it’s pure form, other times not. All I know is that anything made today will always be of this time.”

Azimuts 43 interview

In this issue of Azimuts we question the notion of the end in design projects — what determines and happens at the final step that often concludes a long investment.

Primitive typographic communications from afar

An interview with Elizabeth Carey Smith covering the studio, the Untitled concept, restlessness, design processes and Klim’s “Master Plan”.

Workspiration interview

We discuss self taught approaches, what makes typeface design so significant nowadays and why clients want custom typefaces.

Playing favourites with Kim Hill

Kim is a stalwart interviewer with broad knowledge on many subjects. We discuss my recent Black Pin award, the Financial Times redesign, the NZ flag debacle and bogans.

Cooper Hewitt Design Triennial: Beauty

On occasion of the Cooper Hewitt Design Triennial, we discuss approaching typeface design, style, historical inspiration, geographic location and beauty.

What is your inspiration?

There is no scene to set for inspiration. The more harder I look the more elusive inspiration is. So I don’t look. “Out of the work comes the work.”

Eye Magazine interview

We discuss education, heroes, the aesthetics of letterpress, source material and revisiting history.

Process Journal interview

We discuss the roots of Tiempos, optical sizing, working from New Zealand, fundamentals and feelings.

Computer Arts interview

With three Type Directors Club awards in the last two years, Kris Sowersby is the man agencies turn to for a custom typeface. Garrick Webster goes behind the scenes.

God is in the details

The craft of leading font designer Kris Sowersby often — surprisingly — provokes intense reaction and debate. Rose Hoare looks at the letters behind his name and discovers why all the hype in the type.

I Love Typography interview

“Many of you will have heard of Kris Sowersby, and something tells me that we’re going to be hearing a lot more about him.”