Awards & Accolades

22 October 2018

Awards & Accolades

A chronological list of all the awards & accolades Klim has won. Continue reading

10,000 Original Copies

8 August 2018

10,000 Original Copies

European concepts of originality and authorship form our current understanding of typeface design. Typographic history is written as a series of “originals” created by “authors” in a discrete sequence. But can “copies” be equally as important? This lecture was delivered by Kris Sowersby at TypeCon 2018 XX in Portland, Oregon. Continue reading

Kris Sowersby speaking at TypeCon 2018

10,000 Original Copies, Kris Sowersby TypeCon 2018 talk: Friday 3 August, 4:10pm. Continue reading

There is no such thing as a New Zealand typeface

Exhibition at Objectspace, 29 Jun–4 Aug 2018. Continue reading

Geograph Design Information

Geograph is a contemporary, plain sans serif designed for National Geographic. It comprises 24 styles for use across their broadcast, print and web channels. Geograph was designed under direction from Emmet Smith, Mariano Barreiro and Bethany Powell. We drew inspiration from several international type foundries. Continue reading

A typeface is not a tool

14 March 2018

A typeface is not a tool

The assertion “a typeface is a tool” is a typical justification for making new typefaces. It’s convenient, reassuring and sounds practical. It’s also false. Continue reading

The Design Conference Brisbane

Answers to 10 standard interview questions for The Design Conference Brisbane, 2018. Continue reading

Pitch Sans Design Information

The inspiration, history and development of the Pitch Sans typeface family. Continue reading

Plainness and Sweetness

5 January 2018

Plainness and Sweetness

An article by Frank Chimero about plainness in design. “Not everyone gets to be special, but everyone can be useful.” Continue reading

Azimuts 43 Interview

31 December 2017

Azimuts 43 Interview

An interview with Gwenaël Fradin & Samuel Vermeil for Azimuts 43, December 2015. Continue reading

Heavy Metal Typography

31 December 2017

Heavy Metal Typography

Typographic analysis of 6 metal logotypes for “Heavy Metal Typography” in Smith Journal, Issue 20, September 2016. Continue reading

National 2 Design Information

The inspiration, history and development of the National 2 typeface family. This post covers the design concepts through to comparisons between National and National 2. Continue reading

Primitive Typographic Communications from Afar

An interview with Elizabeth Carey Smith for the Typographics Conference in New York, June 2017 Continue reading

Here is a small thought experiment for makers and sellers of digital files. Continue reading

Minimalism in Design: It’s Harder to Take Away than to Add

Kris Sowersby interviewed by TypeThursday. Continue reading

Story Sans Design Information

Story Sans is a new font family designed for Trade Me — a screen-first, grotesk typeface aligned to their brand, values and tone of voice. It was designed with Trade Me’s internal design team, and is licensed exclusively for Trade Me. Continue reading

Untitled Sans & Serif Design Information

Untitled Sans and Untitled Serif are quotidian typefaces. Untitled Sans is a plain, neogrotesk sans validated by the ideas of Jasper Morrison and Naoto Fukasawa’s Super Normal project. When Untitled Sans was nearly finished, I applied the same principles to the creation of Untitled Serif, which is drawn from the old-style genre of types: the post-Caslon, pre-Times workhorses offered by almost every metal type foundry of the time. Untitled Sans and Untitled Serif are related neither by skeleton nor a traditional aesthetic connection, but by concept only. Continue reading

Klim Font End User Licence Agreements. November 2016. Continue reading

Klim EULA Changes

8 November 2016

A detailed summary of our November 2016 EULA changes. Continue reading

Workspiration Interview

An interview with Ilia Muraviov from Workspiration, July 2016. Continue reading