Here is a small thought experiment for makers and sellers of digital files. Continue reading

Story Sans Design Information

Story Sans is a new font family designed for Trade Me — a screen-first, grotesk typeface aligned to their brand, values and tone of voice. It was designed with Trade Me’s internal design team, and is licensed exclusively for Trade Me. Continue reading

Free Limited Edition Posters

The first 100 customers to purchase the full Untitled Sans Family or Untitled Serif Family will get the corresponding set of limited edition posters free. Continue reading

Untitled Sans & Serif Design Information

Untitled Sans and Untitled Serif are quotidian typefaces. Untitled Sans is a plain, neogrotesk sans validated by the ideas of Jasper Morrison and Naoto Fukasawa’s Super Normal project. When Untitled Sans was nearly finished, I applied the same principles to the creation of Untitled Serif, which is drawn from the old-style genre of types: the post-Caslon, pre-Times workhorses offered by almost every metal type foundry of the time. Untitled Sans and Untitled Serif are related neither by skeleton nor a traditional aesthetic connection, but by concept only. Continue reading

Klim Type Specimen No. 6, 7 & 8

Klim Type Specimen No. 6, 7 & 8 designed by Alt Group in Auckland, New Zealand. Continue reading

Taco República

1 December 2016

Taco República

Domaine Display in use for Taco República by Bielke&Yang in Oslo, Norway. Continue reading

Klim EULA Changes

8 November 2016

A detailed summary of our November 2016 EULA changes. Continue reading

Klim Font End User Licence Agreements. November 2016. Continue reading

Financier Design Information

Financier is a new typeface family drawn for the redesign of the Financial Times (FT), which was launched in September 2014. It comprises two complementary sets of styles: Financier Display and Financier Text. Kevin Wilson and Mark Leeds provided design direction over the course of several months. Continue reading

Tilting at Windmills

12 July 2016

Rudy VanderLans’s reply to our “Welcome to the Infill Font Foundry” article. Continue reading

Welcome to the Infill Font Foundry

A response to Rudy VanderLans’s claim of “In-fillism” in the typeface design industry. Continue reading

Why we need new typefaces

“Why do we need new typefaces?” is a perennial question from non-designers and folks who don’t use typefaces. This is an attempt at an answer. Continue reading

Hone Tuwhare Trust Posters

Four limited edition posters to raise money for the Hone Tuwhare Trust. Continue reading

Interview with Kim Hill

30 March 2016

Interview with Kim Hill

I was interviewed by Kim Hill for Radio NZ in her famous Playing Favourites program. It’s a great format, a casual, informed conversation interspersed by songs I have chosen. Kim is a stalwart interviewer with broad knowledge on many subjects. We discuss my recent Black Pin award, the Financial Times redesign, the NZ flag debacle and bogans. Continue reading

PayPal Sans Design Information

PayPal Sans is a new screen-first typeface family designed for PayPal Inc. It is comprised of two complementary sub-families: PayPal Sans Big and PayPal Sans Small. It was designed with direction from the PayPal product team over the course of several months. Continue reading

Cooper Hewitt Beauty Interview

An interview with Justin Zhang for “Beauty”, the Cooper Hewitt Design Triennial. Continue reading

Florence Alexander

3 February 2016

Florence Alexander

Domaine Display in use for Florence Alexander by Sarah le Donne in Stuttgart, Germany. Continue reading


26 January 2016


Pitch in use for ParrotDog by Adam Cansino in Wellington, New Zealand. Continue reading

The Queen’s House

21 January 2016

The Queen’s House

Pitch and Founders Grotesk Text in use for The Queen’s House by OK-RM in London. Continue reading


20 January 2016


Domaine Sans Display in use for the Gabrielle label by Cornershop Design in Australia. Continue reading