Changes to Klim EULAs and our new pricing

A summary of key changes to our End User Licence Agreements (EULAs) for desktop, web and app and our new pricing, including package discounts.

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4 October 2021

You asked, we listened. In response to Klim customer feedback gathered over the past few years, we’ve updated our End User Licence Agreements (EULAs) and we’ve changed our licence pricing.

We’ve made these changes to better meet your needs and common use cases, and to offer better value for those making bulk font licence purchases.

This is the first licence and pricing update in a series of improvements we're making at Klim. We will be releasing more font licensing options and further pricing updates over the coming months. Those pricing changes will not affect the pricing online now and outlined below, they instead relate to the pricing of our broadcast font licence, our new advertising licence and our corporate, unlimited licences.

Font licensing changes

There is a separate, distinct EULA or “Font Licence Agreement” for each type of font format that Klim sells, i.e. Desktop fonts, Web fonts and App fonts. These each have unique terms and conditions.

Below we’ve provided an overview of some of the key changes to our Font Licence Agreements and our pricing. For any purchase of Klim desktop, web or app fonts on or after 4 October 2021, the new terms will apply.

Overall, we have made the licence agreements more permissive; We have not removed any uses that were in the previous versions.

We have made these changes to:

  • Offer broader use of the fonts:
    • To take an example, users may now use the desktop fonts across multiple devices instead of being limited to installing them on one computer each.
  • Create an easier licensing experience:
    • You no longer need separate web font licences if you wish to use our web fonts for your website as well as your dynamic web-based advertising and/or email marketing. You can now purchase just one licence to cover them all!
    • You can also cover all of your internal intranet sites with the one web font licence, so long as you cover all of your use across your sites.
  • Clarify common points of confusion:
    • To take some examples: for our desktop licence we’ve clarified that you can create a trademark for your business using our fonts, you can also use the fonts within Adobe cloud-based software, and we’ve extended the list of authorised uses to include billboards, outdoor advertising (OOH), digital screens and billboards (non-interactive).
    • For all of EULAs we’ve made it clear that you can transfer your licence if your organisation merges or is acquired.

Please read all of our font licence terms carefully before you purchase because it becomes a formal contract between you and Klim. For further information about Font Licensing see our FAQs.

If you would like a full overview of the changes please let us know and we’ll be happy to provide more information.

If you have any questions please contact:

Changes to licensing metrics for desktop and web font licensing

Our desktop font licence now uses the metric ‘number of users’, instead of the ‘number of ‘computer (or CPU) installs’. This means you are no longer limited to a certain number of font installs, each User can now install the fonts on as many devices as they need to. This also makes it easier for organisations who wish to install the font on a server that allows access for many users.

Our web font licence metric has been broadened to include ‘unique users’ as well as ‘page views’. You can now choose which suits you best when you licence web fonts. You cannot later switch from one metric to another, so please choose carefully.

In addition, if you want to use our web fonts in your email marketing communications and/or your dynamic web-based advertising you now need only one web font licence. You can also include any internal business websites you have under the one licence.

The sum of your total average monthly ‘page views’ or ‘unique users’ on your sites, combined with your total active subscribers (as per your email database) and/or your total monthly impressions (as per your media buy for web advertising) is now covered by a single web licence.

Changes to licensing tiers

We have increased the tier sizes of our desktop and app licences to offer you more value. For example, desktop 3 ‘computers’ has become 5 ‘users’; 8 ‘computers’ has become 10 ‘users’; 15 to 20 users, and so on. An 8 ‘computer’ Calibre Family licence used to cost $700 USD, now it’s only $630 USD for 10 ‘users’.

The app base tier has increased from 500 ‘MAUs/downloads’ to 2,500, the 1000-2,500 tiers have become 5,000. A 1,000 ‘MAUs/downloads’ app licence for the Calibre Family was $700 USD, now it’s only $630 USD for 5,000 ‘MAUs/downloads’.

New pricing

For the first time in more than 15 years we have updated our base licence pricing. The cost of an individual font for our minimum licence tier for desktop, web and app has increased from $50 USD to $60 USD, and our other prices, including family and collection prices, have adjusted accordingly. In saying this, the desktop and app base tier size has increased in kind, i.e. desktop is now 5 ‘users’, up from 3 ‘CPUs’, and app is now 2,500 ‘MAUs’ or ‘downloads’ up from 500.

We have also added a range of new package discounts to make bulk or combination purchases more affordable.

There are no more font pairs; that is, no matching pair discounts for a roman and italic ‘set’ (e.g. National regular and National regular italic). Instead, all font styles are discounted if you buy any two or more at once. For example, if you purchase National regular as an individual style for our base licence (‘5 users’) you’ll pay $60 USD, whereas you can buy National regular and National bold it will cost $102 USD, a saving of $18 USD or 15%. For 3 styles of National (e.g. regular, bold and medium) you would receive a saving of $36 USD or 20%, and so on.

To take another example, under our previous pricing, 6 roman styles of our National font (e.g. regular, light, medium, bold, semibold and black) would have cost you $300 USD, these are now priced at $234 USD, a saving of $66 USD.

We’ve introduced package discounts for cross-format purchases , (e.g. purchasing the same fonts for desktop and web). For instance, purchasing the Calibre family for desktop and web gets a 57% discount. Adding an app licence increases the package discount to 60%.

Several months ago we also significantly reduced our app font licence pricing to better align with our web and desktop licence costs.

All pricing and discounting is shown in the cart as you add items to it on our retail font ‘Buy’ pages.

Prior Font Licence purchases

If you licensed desktop, web or app fonts from Klim before 4 October 2021, the terms of the font licence you have agreed to remain valid.

There are no additional payments or actions required from any person who purchased a Desktop Font Licence, Web Font Licence, or an App Font Licence from us before this date.

If you purchased a Web Font Licence with us before these changes went live on our site on 4 October 2021, then your order will keep ‘page views’ as the metric for all current orders and any upgrades you make. Only customers making new purchases of web fonts can choose between metrics. For any desktop font licensing, you will automatically switch over to ‘users’ from ‘computers’ when you upgrade.

We will not be offering refunds, credits or adjustments to any person who purchased any type of font licence from us before this date. All sales are final.

However, do contact us if you think you may be eligible for a tier upgrade to your current licence and we'll be happy to help you out.

Copies of the former Font Licence Agreement terms are available on request.

Please read all of our font licence terms carefully before you purchase because it becomes a formal contract between you and Klim.

If you have any questions please contact:

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