Font licence updates

We have now rolled out more font licensing updates to better meet Klim customer needs. These changes are summarised below. Please read the full terms and conditions before any purchase.

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4 April 2022

Desktop Font Licence now includes font sharing

The updated Desktop Font Licence now allows sharing of fonts outside of your company or organisation. You can now share the desktop fonts with any authorised affiliates, contractors, freelance employees, agencies, partners, vendors or suppliers who are not directly employed by you, but are carrying out work on your behalf, as long as your licence covers the total number of users. We have not increased the cost of this licence. A single licence has simply been introduced to make it easier and more cost effective for your company.

As with all of our licences, if your use increases over time you must upgrade your licence. Contact our team at to arrange.

In scenarios where there is a client and agency working together, we recommend the licence is purchased by the client to share the fonts with the agency for use on that client's business and any related projects. However, licences can still be purchased by an agency on a client's behalf. The 'end user' or licence owner should always be the person, company or organisation who is the primary user of the fonts for their business, brand and/or projects. See our FAQs if you are unsure about how this works.

Introducing our Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) licence

Our OEM Font Licence allows fonts to be used within an operating system for a hardware device. An Original Equipment Manufacturer or ‘OEM’ is defined as any entity that produces parts used in a final product owned, marketed or branded by that company or another entity. The licensing metric is the ‘number of devices’ your company intends to produce. This OEM Font Licence was previously available offline, and is now updated to align with our other licences agreements and available to purchase directly on our website.

Our updated Broadcasting Font Licence and new Advertising Licence

Based on customer feedback, we have reviewed the terms of our Broadcasting Font Licence to better meet the needs of this industry.

Firstly, we have made the Broadcasting Font Licence into a 'package' to cover broader use of the fonts. The licence covers the use of our fonts within the broadcast media itself, as well as all related marketing communications used to promote that content.

Secondly, you can share the fonts with any affiliate, contractor or freelance employee, agency, partner, vendor, supplier or similar party that you are working with, as well as third-party broadcasters who broadcast content on your behalf.

Thirdly, we have better defined and separated Broadcasting use from Advertising use. The Broadcasting Font Licence terms are updated and there is a new Advertising Font Licence. The key difference is Broadcasting covers any use of the fonts by either a Broadcast Network, who wants to use them across their network, or by someone creating a film or TV series or similar content. Specifically, broadcast use is defined as any visual transmission of non-fiction or entertainment content via television, internet, film or other visual media. Advertising relates only to a television commercial (TVC)/short film/video or similar format marketing communication relating to a product or service you own, or are legally entitled to market or sell, in a paid advertising context. For example, a paid pre-roll ad on YouTube, or a short video ad on Instagram.

We adjusted the Broadcasting Font Licence metrics to allow for unlimited use of the fonts within all of your broadcast media, as long as it fits within the licence tier. You can choose between ‘Production Budget’ or ‘Audience Size’. On one hand if you are a Broadcast Network then your Audience Size might make the best sense. On the other hand, if you want to use the fonts in a TV series or in a film, then the overall Production Budget may be better. You must choose one metric and you can't change this over time. You can, however, upgrade your licence to a higher tier at any time. There is no limit on use of the fonts within your broadcast media or related marketing. You can use them in multiple films, series, trailers and so forth. Note that the top licence tier (50M+ Audience Size or $50M+ Production Budget) is effectively an unlimited Broadcasting Font Licence for your company.

The final change is the limit on the number of users you may share the fonts with. Based upon the average sharing needs we landed on 20 people. If this is not enough, you can purchase additional desktop font licensing to cover any additional users. This can be done via our website, or by contacting Klim support.

If the new Broadcasting Font Licence does not cover your specific font licensing needs, then our Enterprise Licence Agreement may be a better fit. Please contact Sonja at to discuss this type of licence.

By contrast to broadcasting, our new Advertising Font Licence has been prepared as a type of 'add-on' to our desktop font licensing, rather than a ‘package’. This type of licence is generally purchased by customers already using Klim fonts for their company's brand and now wish to extend to related advertising activities. As such, you must either already own a Desktop Font Licence for the fonts you wish to use for advertising or purchase a desktop font licence at checkout. The Advertising Font Licence purchase does not include a font file download. You will receive the font file download with your Desktop Font Licence purchase, and these same .otf font files can be used in your advertising content.

You will need an Advertising Font Licence if you wish to use Klim fonts in video/film content intended for paid advertising placements only. This is defined as any paid placement of your content across television and online channels and networks, including but not limited to: TV channels, websites, streaming services and social media platforms, as a form of Advertising or Promotion. There is no limit to the use of the fonts across your advertising creative or portfolio, you can use them in unlimited advertisements and campaigns, you just need to work within the licence tier that you have purchased. The licence tier is based upon your monthly Impressions, as per your media buy. If your use increases over time, you must purchase a licence upgrade for the increased monthly impression amount. Note that the top licence tier (40M+ monthly Impressions) is effectively an unlimited Advertising Font Licence for your company.

Advertising does not include any use of the font in videos prepared for your own website, social media account, YouTube channel or similar. These uses are covered by our Desktop Font Licence.

Test before you buy

All of these licences are now available for purchase via our website, however, be sure before you purchase. You can test any of our fonts ahead of time to ensure that they will meet your needs within your intended media. Download our test fonts and get in touch with Klim support if you have any questions. Under our font licensing terms this is your responsibility. We do not offer refunds for change of mind, or if the fonts are not fit for your intended purpose.

Prior Font Licence Purchases

If you licensed fonts from Klim before 4 April 2022, the terms of the font licence you have agreed to remain valid.

There are no additional payments or actions required from any person who purchased a Desktop Font Licence, Broadcasting Font Licence or an OEM Font Licence from us before this date.

We will not be offering refunds, credits or adjustments to any person who purchased any type of font licence from us before this date. All sales are final.

Copies of the former Font Licence Agreement terms are available on request.

Please read all of our font licence terms carefully before you purchase because it becomes a formal contract between you and Klim.

If you have any questions please contact:

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